Our expertise in Project finance

We work with French project finance companies.

We develop easy-to-use customised models allowing them to calculate the profitability of their project while respecting the best standards for modelling:

  • operational cash flows (production, tariffs, O&M contracts, Capex)
  • debt sizing
  • debt during the construction period (arrangement fees, capitalised interest, non-utilisation fee, revolving VAT)
  • the different debt profiles during the operating period (constant P, constant P+i, target DSCR, sculpted, DSRA, DSCR and other ratios)
  • possible refinancing during the project
  • shareholder financing and distributions
  • taxation

We provide a clear and user-friendly summary of the indicators needed to make an investment decision:

  • project financial statements, cash flow to shareholders, Sources & Uses of Funds, IRR, NPV, etc.
  • scenario simulations
  • sensitivity analysis

In the case of a multi-asset purchase, we also model the shareholder structure (modelling of holding companies and possible tax consolidation).

Once the acquisition has been completed and the financing of the transaction has been structured, we continue to support our clients in monitoring their portfolio investments via:

  • the transition from a project finance model to a management and monitoring model for the financed asset
  • automated import process that adapts to your accounting files/software
  • interactive reports with Power BI to visualise asset performance


Customised Excel models

The financing of your project, modelled in a reliable and accurate way.

Your project is complex: thanks to our dual financial and technical expertise, we model its financing in an easy-to-use model that helps you make the right decisions.

Exemple de financement de projet

Interactive reports with Power BI

Your asset portfolio, shared with your team.

Using one or more Excel templates for each of your assets, your portfolio can be presented in a simple and user-friendly way.

F31 developed for our team a financing model for our energy infrastructure projects, including a complex debt sizing module. We very much appreciated their modern approach to financial consulting, as well as their technical expertise.

Florian RubinCFOAktivco

The F31 team helped us model our portfolio of wind and solar farms. They were both tenacious and thorough, leaving no stone unturned in our modelling – all with a smile and excellent technical skills.

Yan Vidal

Yan VidalCFOKallista Energy

F31 helped us design models for financing infrastructure projects.
Their expertise, attentiveness and dedication enabled us to rapidly deploy and adopt these tools, which are essential for the development of our activities.

SuezFinance department

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