The F31 team

Graduates of business or engineering schools, we have a strong taste for numbers, technology, ergonomics and design. We also have a passion for intellectual challenges, achieved collectively.

What drives us: solving complex problems with simple, effective solutions that help you make the right decisions.

We pride ourselves on being a small, friendly team, offering everyone maximum autonomy and the possibility of extending our expertise into new areas.

Our values


We think that every detail counts, and we place great importance on the quality of our deliverables.


We are passionate, committed and free to act with autonomy.

Happiness at work

We enjoy looking on the bright side and we share our enthusiasm with our colleagues and customers.

Our methodology

How we work:

  • Agile Methodology

Our projects are organized in one-week iterations. Each week, we schedule a progress review to present our work, collect your feedback and prioritise the next developments.

At the beginning of the project, we submit a proposal to validate the objectives, the schedule and the expected deliverables.

If your requirements change during the course of the project, certain developments may replace others initially planned.

  • Striving for excellence

We work with you throughout the project to ensure that the result will exceed your expectations.

Our dual financial and technical expertise enables us to take a step back from your problem, to look more closely at the issue you have expressed and to offer you a solution that is more effective than the one you imagined.

  • Speed

Our projects generally take place over a period of two weeks to three months (2 to 12 iterations).

They can be preceded by one or two pre-project iterations, dedicated to the completion of a POC or an audit of your needs.

Our team

Philippe Chazalon


Previously a consultant at Accuracy, Philippe co-founded F31 in 2009.

He has implemented more than a hundred financial models and reporting tools for major French corporations.

Since 2010 he has also been teaching financial modelling at HEC Paris, the school he graduated from.

Antoine Vettes


Previously a consultant at EY, Antoine co-founded F31 in 2009 and is now involved in business development and the definition and monitoring of the company’s strategy.

Antoine is a graduate of the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées and holds a master’s degree in finance from the LSE.

Maria Makarova


Maria joined F31 in 2012.

Previously a consultant, then a project leader, she now manages the firm’s operations and helps define and implement its strategy.

Corentin Bedetti


Corentin joined F31 in 2016 and has led BI and business application projects (EDF, Sanofi, Carrefour, Suez, Orange, Lagardère, Wabtec) and developed real estate models (Gecina, Nexity, Catella, Corum, PERL, eRE).

Léa Bantegnie​


Léa joined F31 in 2016. She specialises in the development of cash flow forecasting models (Carrefour, EDF Orange), project finance (Suez, Meridiam, Kallista) and real estate valuation (Icade, RIVP, Weinberg CP).

Antonin David​

Project leader

Antonin joined F31 in May 2019, after completing a first job at EY. He developed financial models (Suez, Icade, Corum), business applications (HBI, Daphni) and interactive reports for Kering.

Cyril de Poncins​

Senior consultant

Cyril joined F31 in February 2019 and has developed financial reporting tools for cash management (Orange, Kering), tax (LVMH), accounting (EDF), management control (Shiseido) and financial markets (investment bank).

Nicolas Tilliard​

Senior consultant

Nicolas joined F31 in April 2019 and has developed financial models and reporting solutions for EDF, Carrefour, Kallista, as well as business applications for Lagardère, BPI, Wabtec and Shiseido.

Pauline Jouffret​

Senior consultant

Pauline joined F31 in January 2019. Specialising in BI projects, she has created interactive reports for teams at Shiseido, Gecina, Caroll and EDF.

Roxanne Vals

Senior consultant

Roxanne joined the F31 team in September 2019 and has developed interactive reports and business applications for teams at Caroll, eRE, Gecina, Compagnie des Ateliers, Amundi.

Louis Duvallet


Louis joined the F31 team in June 2021.

He developed financial models for Homnicity and interactive reports for Gecina.

Jean-François Laval


Jean-François joined the F31 team in September 2021, after several internships in finance.

Since he arrived, he has been developing a tailor-made budgeting tool for Onet.

Astrid Laurensou


Astrid joined F31 in October 2021 after a 6-month internship in the company in 2019.

She developed financial models for In’li and Icade and business applications for Shiseido.

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Our history


Antoine Vettes and Philippe Chazalon founded Finance 3.1 based on the idea that “Excel is the solution”.


First projects for major French accounts and the launch of UpSlide.


Maria Makarova joined the adventure. She developed Finance 3.1’s real estate expertise, bringing design and ergonomics into its DNA.


We became convinced that Power BI was the future of financial reporting, and carried out our first project based on this technology.


Finance 3.1 and UpSlide were brought together under Pyramid.


Finance 3.1 celebrated its 10th anniversary and launched an employee share ownership plan.


Finance 3.1 became F31 and the entire Pyramid Group launches a new visual identity.

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